September 26, 2023

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Rob Van Dam Biography

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Rob van Dam was born in 1970, in Michigan. He had the chance to meet the Sheik, which saw his huge potential he debuted as a professional wrestler in 1990, and winner of the WWE title. Besides wrestling, van Dame is also a valuable power lifter, with numerous records that are still in place. Lately, he decided to appear in some movies and shows, and it seems like the acting career seems attractive for Van Dam.

His name was given by a local promoter, because of the resemblance with the name Jan Claude Van Damme, which was an iconic appearance during the 90’s. However, he also had the name of Robbie V, but he renounced this name because it was unsuccessful.

After acting in a few minor movies, Van Dam decided to get back to wrestling in 1996. He joined ECW, finding Sabu as his partner. The team was considered as one of the most effective in the history of wrestling, even if the individual fighters forming it were not that great. He won the ECW title again in 1998, holding to it from 23 months. He had to give up the title because of an injury, but he came back after a couple of months with a new move called Van Terminator, which amazed the entire world of wrestling.

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