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John Cena

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119 thoughts on “John Cena

  1. hi cena i really like u and u are my best person in the world i really like u and i want to cme see u sum thime and i like the way u fight and the way u do your thang out there u win everything i have all your shirts and i just got a new one yesterday and i was so happy if u can send me a message on myspace ok here is my email love skye

  2. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii cena i am your big lover &wants to meet u atleast 1 time in my life.
    take care
    wish u all the very best for ur all fights

    keep hiting&keep wining

    “LOVE YOU”

  3. you are the best!!!!!!!!!!
    i think thet the time you picked up the big show was brilllll.
    win every fight
    no luck you dont need it
    aspecilay not to beat big show or chris jerico.
    see ya

  4. John Cena is so hott and sexy with or without his shirt on and I want to eat him up because he is my boy and I love him too pieces and he deserves to be WWE champion and he is not because of Shaemus that no good bastard and son of a b*tch. John Cena is one of the best wrestlers known to man along side Degeneration X(DX)(or short. For they are friends and good at what they do and the best ever and noone can beat them at all they can try and maybe they will but most likely they wont sorry because they are better than you so don’t even try to step to them because you would fall. I lovvve John Cena, Do you? Yes you do who wouldn’t? If you don’t love John Cena then you’re a hater and all he can sayto his haters is F.U.

  5. i liked you ever since you were in smackdown.
    i luk up 2 u as a role model. hop u keep the spark against shamus(douchbag) out coz he doesnt suit the title belt.
    love 4 life

  6. I love john cena im big fan cena ur best wwe superstar i wish to cena won by shemus and won by wwe chapinship match best of luck cena .

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