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Mark Henry Biography

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Mark Henry

Mark Gordon Henry was born in Texas in 1971. He is an American wrestler, which currently activates in RAW, being promoted by Donald Trump. He won the 2002 Arnold Classic Strongman contest, which brought him the nickname “The strongest man in the world”. In 1999, he won his first title, the European wrestling title, but he had to give up the belt a few months later in front of D-Lo Down.

Henry debuted in RAW in a dispute against Jerry Lawler, which was a part of the Nation Domination team. He took his nickname “Sexy Chocolate” immediately after this fight. However, he suffered a severe injury, and for this, he was sent to the OVW for recovering.

Henry comes back in WWF, being introduced in the SmackDown category. After only one fight with Edge Big Show, he suffered another injury, which kept him out of the ring for several months. When he gets back to RAW, in 2003, he fights Finlay six times, defeating him every time, and winning the Armageddon. Henry also participated to the Royal Rumble in 2004, but he was defeated by Hornswoggle, with a maneuver, which is currently known as the Cripper Crossface.

In the 2006 Royal Rumble, Henry has his first confrontation with the Undertaker. During the game between Henry and Finlay, the Great Kali had his debut.

Henry is one of the most popular fighters in WWE, because of his long career and because of his impressive results. He still participates to games in this competition, but he says that winning the title is not his goal anymore. He achieved everything that is to achieve in this sport, so he prefers to participate only to certain fights and events, especially against his fierce rivals.

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