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97 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Rey Mysterio you are my favorite wrestler in WWE because you makeup new wrestling move like that one time when you were facing your best friend Eddie Geurrero at WCW Halloween Havoc at Las Vegas,NV 10/26/97you and Eddie Guerrero put on the best highflying matches I have seen and thats the truth. Also what made you think of the style that you were right know how did you perform all of thows amazing highflying moves were’nt you be scared that you might brake a bone or something else and are you ever nervis when you do a highflying move and you think that you are going yo get it right or wrong. The disien of that mask you were thats so unbeliveible how you thought of that. Also my 2nd favorite wrestler is Eddie Geurrer.I would love to have one of the WWE movie about you and a autograph if I can and what I said was true Iam sending you this because I just won’t a autograph no you are my FARORITE WRESTLER IN WWE HISORY.

    Im Michael Esposito and Im 11years old.

  2. hey john cena ur my favorite wrestler and happy new year i wonder why u stopped doing 5 questions?

  3. hey Maria you are my fav diva.You are the sexiest lady on this earth.
    how are you & how are you doing??

  4. hey under taker yo are too old for the wwe cant go out. anyway jbl f*ck u.
    to all the other superstars good luk

  5. Yo John cena you are one of my favorites in the wwe. I want to join the wwe and have you be my guy has my back and will train me.

  6. Hi tripple H & Batista how r u i am your real fan i want to be like u .
    wish u good luck for ur future.

  7. batista come back plzzzzzzzzzz

    its my request plzzz & batista u r the best in wwe

  8. I love wrestling since 1998 I see myself I’m 17 years old … and the best fighter for me is Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Undertaker, Chris Benoit. I love them despite this no longer a k prsente, bye

  9. interested in becoming a wwe superstar. very atletic and my strength is unreal i was just discharged honaralbe from the marines my name is Jeff R Jones and anyone u put in the ring would lose to me even the undertaker

  10. hey batista, u are my faourite wrestler.i dislike any superstar that wants a war wit u.

  11. wilson :hey under taker yo are too old for the wwe cant go out. anyway jbl f*ck all the other superstars good luk


    wilson :hey under taker yo are too old for the wwe cant go out. anyway jbl f*ck all the other superstars good luk


  13. please looke it more than every thing i love wwe.iam a indian gay.17year oli boy.and my dreame is to become a wrestler in wwe.iam so crazy about it .i dont know its going to work.evn now its self i made name to be in future/

  14. I wish wwe can come to sarawak,malaysia.I am eager to meet jeff hardy.He is my favourite wrestler of all time.I’ve been waiting for da moment to come where i can finally meet him.N i’ve never met any superstar in my life.[TO JEFF:I LOVE U SO MUCH N KEEP ON STRIVING FOR SUCCESS]

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