WWE Managing Team

Tommy Dreamer is the WWE Innvoator of Violence.
Mark Yeaton is the WWE Timekeeper.
Hugo Savinovich is the WWE Spanish Announcer.
Howard Finkel, Lilian Garcia are WWE Ring Announcer.
WWE Video & Media Department: Hillbilly Jim.
Columnist on WWE.com: Droz.
Dusty Rhodes is WWE Creative Team Member.
WWE Road Agents: Arn Anderson, Gerry Brisco, John Laurinaitis , Ricky Steamboat,Steve Keirn, Steve Lombardi, Tony Garea and Tim White.
WWE Head of Security: Sgt Slaughter.
WWE Ceo: Linda McMahon.
WWE President of New Media: Shane McMahon.
WWE Vice President of Creative: Stephanie Mcmahon.
WWE Chairman: Vincen Candian Mcmahon.

WWE Referees

RAW Referees: Chad Patton, Charles Robinson, Jack Doan, Mickey Hansen, Mike Chioda.
Smackdown Referees: Jimmy Cordaris, Marty Elias, Nick Patrick, Mike Sparks.
ECW Referees: Bill Alfonso, Jim Molineaux, John Finnegan, Mike Kehner, Pee Wee Moore, Jeff Jones.

Last updated on January 15, 2010.

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William says:

I love you DX

William says:

Your the best

eghosa says:

I love you Dx

irene says:

dx and the hardys are so coooooooooooooooool i love you alll

irene says:

jeff plz come baaaaaaack
love ya miss ya xx33

carlas/anna says:

I vince i want to see jeff on raw

#1 DX fan for life (tristan) says:

I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove dx

safy says:

tommy the best

Biggest DX fan ever! (James) says:

DX Rules!

aso says:

I am an kenyan in Africa, we love wwe wrestling very much but we only get to see it on TV .pliz can u organise 4 tha wwe supers 2 tour in kenya so we can see them 4 real?

Arslan khan says:

i love DX hhh DX

Arslan khan says:

All you roal

pepe says:

I love DX,Hardysboy,Batista and John Cena

adithya says:

cena is awesome
stupid vincemcmahon

Rohit says:

i love dx nd d John Cena……..

aly says:


faith says:

jjjefff hhhaaaaaaarrrrddyyyy COME BACK

faith says:

so cool man so iclan so john your mad

ps;i going to wrestlemania

Lisa says:

Ilove Dx and John Cena they are awesome and are great they are my Idols xxI alson love Eve Kelly Kelly and Maryse they are great Divas and are good at playing ‘Goodies’ or ‘Baddies’ lol

bye xx

faith says:

yo i miss you ddddddddddddxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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