September 26, 2023

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Lord Tensai Biography

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Lord Tensai joined WWE in 2012, but he is not a new image in this sport. In fact, he is known by the wrestling world for some time now, under the name Albert or A-Train. A-Train is an iconic name in Wrestling, and now he hopes that he could gain the same fame under the new identity. However, it is really hard considering the competition that he has, especially since his opponents realized whom they are fighting with.

Lord Tensai has a body made for wrestling. However, his agility is not that great, this being his main disadvantage. His goal remains to win the WWE Championship, and even if he did not succeed as A-Train, it might be possible for him to win this title under the new identity.

The new identity appeared after a visit in Japan, where he was trained in Martial Arts. Here, he understood the principles of real fighting. The name Lord Tensai is the name given by his mentor in Japan. Tensai means Disaster, and besides this name, Tensai also brought Sakamoto from Japan, which is his friend and councilor.

Currently, Tensai is on an impressive winning streak, as he managed to defeat John Cena and CM Punk. However, it seems like the title is still far, as he always loses against Tyson Kidd.

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