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Daniel Bryan Biography

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Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is an American Wrestler in WWE, activating under the SmackDown brand. He debuted in wrestling in 1999, activating in many independent promotions, such as the Ring of honor and Pro Wrestling. He managed to win numerous titles before joining WWE, including the worldwide ROH title in 2010.

His debut in WWE was also recorded in 2010, as an apprentice of The Miz. His contract was not prolonged, so he had to come back in SummerSlam. He wins the belt of USA in this competition, and as a reward, he is allowed another fight in SmackDown as a guest. He won the Money in the Bank match, impressing the official scouts of this competition.

He announced that he would claim his Money in the Bank title in Wrestlemania 28, but he was not only to participate to this competition. However, he appeared in TLC 2011, being attacked by Mark Henry, who was nervous at that time for losing the Worldwide Title. He managed to win this title, creating a fierce rivalry with Henry. For the Wrestlemania 29, he lost his title in front of Sheamus in one of the shortest matches ever, which lasted for only 18 seconds, and he was not able to beat Sheamus ever since.

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