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CM Punk Biography

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With a reputation as an Extremist (Extreme Championship Wrestling) and a body covered with tattoos, CM Punk doesn’t rely on luck to make his way in the challenging world of wrestling. He is a native of Chicago who quickly realized that he would be part of the wrestling/entertainment industry. He is closely associated with the so-called “straightedge” movement that stays away from drugs and alcohol.

CM Punk is also known for bringing various styles to professional wrestling, including kickboxing and Jujitsu. He won the Money in the Bank ladder match, moved to Raw in 2008 and quickly took the World Heavyweight title. Shortly after that he grabbed the World Tag Team title with Kofi Kingston. He is now known among wrestling fans as the Straightedge Superstar, openly stating that he is the best because of discipline and dedication.


For those who don’t know the wrestler’s background, he was born Phillip Jack Brooks in 1978. He has extended his career with color commentary, after a career that included five world titles. CM Punk is the only person to take the Money in the Bank ladder matches in successive years (2008 and 2009). He is loved by many and is seen as a villain by others. But he is for real.

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