September 26, 2023

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Kane Biography

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Kane is one of the oldest WWE fighters, with a vast experience and dedication for this sport. He is a Spanish fighter born in 1968, and one of the most respected professionals around. He is especially known for his continuous vendetta against the Undertaker. The controversies between those two fighters were taken outside the ring, with calumnious allegations between those two. Kane even accused Undertaker of killing his family in a fire, and this leaded to the first official encounter between the two fighters, in Wrestlemania 14.

This fight continues even today. Kane can’t praise with so many titles, as his only goal during the latest years is to defeat Taker. Their fights are some of the most anticipated of WWE. Sometimes, Taker is the bad guy, while for other encounters, Kane chooses this role. On the other hand, they are best friends in the real life, being a model of sportsmanship and fair play.

Even Kane can’t remember when his professional career begun. It might be 1994 or 1993. There are no official records about this, but Kane promised to offer some tapes with his fights from those years, once his career would be over. We are talking about one of the most mysterious figures of WWE, a fighter that always managed to keep controversy around his figure.

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