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Rey Mysterio Biography

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Rey Mysterio in Mexico

Among the many “characters” who are also professional athletes and professional entertainers, Rey Mysterio is one who comes off as just a bit different. But this difference is one that makes him seem more like your “normal” next door neighbor. Mysterio is a family man with three children who also happens to be a professional wrestler.

For the few people who don’t know, Rey Mysterio is a “ring” name. For several years fans didn’t know what the masked wrestler looked like. He was born in December 1974 with the name Oscar Gutierrez. This Mexican-American wrestler is closely associated with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and SmackDown. Known by wrestling fans for his trademark “high flying” style, Mysterio got his professional name from the uncle who provided most of his early training. His uncle used the name Rey Misterio.

Unlike many professional wrestlers, Mysterio is not a hulk of a man. If he stood beside “the Hulk” or The Undertaker he would seem to be out of his league. At 175 pounds, Mysterio made his way in the ring with quickness, talent and personal drive. He has wrestled in more than one class and is also a successful tag-team performer.

Mexico First

With the original name of Rey Mysterio Jr. he was a popular wrestler in the Mexican association (AAA) in the early 1990s. When he made the move to World Championship Wrestling in the mid-1990s he changed his professional name to Rey Mysterio (no longer Jr.) He was been with the WWE brand since 2002.

This talented performer is credited with rejuvenating the interest in cruiserweight action, even though he also holds a World Heavyweight title. His accomplishments include three WWE Cruiserweight titles, four tag-team titles and two Intercontinental titles. This qualifies him for the “triple crown” of professional wrestling.

Negative Impact?

Unfortunately, Mysterio’s name was connected with the steroid/HGH issue in 2007. WWE officials defended Mysterio and others by responding with the information that allegations referred to activity that took place before 2006. In February of that year the organization instituted their patented Talent Wellness program. However, Mysterio was suspended for 30 days in 2009.

He continues to show his faith with tattoos and actions that pay tribute to his Roman Catholic upbringing. His talent and confidence made him a top cruiserweight wrestler, beginning in 1996. He defeated Psycosis and Dean Malenko for his first title in that division. He battled with Malenko for the title in subsequent matches and lost the title. Mysterio is also remembered for his early feuds with Prince Iaukea and Lord Steven Regal.

He continued his run at the top of the professional wrestling world while fans continued to wonder just who was behind the mask. He finally removed his mask in 1999 after the Hair vs. Mask match. He and partner Konnan lost and Mysterio was forced to remove the mask according to match terms. He complied but was never happy about losing his mystery identity. Mysterio believed the move, arranged by the promoters, was a bad marketing move.

He closed the book on the incident by noting that wrestling is about what the fans want, not what the big boys want.

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    4 May 2010

    i miss the old days of rey mysterio jr in WCW whr he teamed up with konnan! konnan and rey are the best latino tag team…
    orale…viva la raza!

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