May 23, 2024

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WWE NXT Alicia Taylor images and Wallpaper

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Alicia Taylor

Whenever there is a display of lights, cameras, and action, NXT’s very own Alicia Taylor can be found in the midst of it all. Taylor joined the NXT broadcast team in 2018 and is no stranger to the limelight. Prior to capturing immediate feedback from Superstars like Drew Gulak and the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Sasha Banks & Bayley, she drew attention around the world as a highly sought-after drummer, displaying her talent alongside renowned musical artists such as Selena Gomez, Tracy Chapman, and Miley Cyrus, among others.

Aside from her vast background in entertainment, Taylor has been a lifelong WWE enthusiast. Her former YouTube series, “Heavy Wrestle,” featured appearances from WWE Hall of Famers Mick Foley and Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

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