Rey Mysterio Unmasked

Rey Mysterio Unmasked

Rey Mysterio Looking cute without mask.

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  1. 1.Bobo singh:

    619 :- rey ” oscar”. The best underdog i ever seen in wrestling history. Without mask made him more realistic and remarkable . Mark man is so fast and quick ,and indeed cool and fancy. Height and mask makes him the real man. Eddie was another kind of underdog and i love him and miss him. But rey fill up the missing . Storyline or real i hate vicky . Leaving the tradition 619 should wrestle without a mask.

  2. 2.Angel Micevski:

    You ROCK Rey!!! T Love 619!!! You are AWESOME!!!!

  3. 3.kristina gjolaj:

    omg rey i love him he is the best he looks so amazing in this picture and i wish i could see ur 619 up close i want to go to a wrestleing show and see you rey i love u soo much u look assome

  4. 4.Seth Deatsch:

    Dear Rey,
    Could you please send me a mask. I live at #49 Forest View Trailer Court on Laura Drive in Iowa City, Iowa. I would also like pants and gloves and a shirt too. I have 2 brothers. Please send a message back if you will.

  5. 5.Sadie Italiano:

    This is soo cute!I am Rey mysterios #1 fan ever.And trust me.I love you Reyy!<3

  6. 6.DARYL:


  7. 7.kelly:

    you look so hot without the mask

  8. 8.Ty hill:

    get over yurself little gurl

  9. 9.Ty hill:


  10. 10.Ace:

    What a cute wrestler… ^_^ 😀

  11. 11.Sadie Italino:


  12. 12.bOB JR:

    HEy guys this bob that was me who put sadie itlanios name on here!!!BUT RAMESY THINKS YUR HOT

  13. 13.Rachel Martin:

    Rey Misterio you are my superman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14.Rachel Martin:

    Rey Misterio you are my superman sent to me from heaven

  15. 15.Khadijah:

    Rey u are soo cute and i love the 619 U rock Ray.

  16. 16.Khadijah:

    Rey u are soo cute and i love the 619 U rock Ray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also u are on the top 10 list of cutest westlers in my school !!.

  17. 17.Loud Mouth:

    omg rey mysterio u r sooo sexxi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18.Loud Mouth:

    rey mysterio u r soooo sexxi !!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19.Crystal Smith:

    omg rey mysterio u are one sexxi man!!!!!

  20. 20.Crystal Smith:

    i kno right!!!!???

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