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Owen Hart

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Owen Hart

Owen James Hart better known as Owen Hart was born on May 7, 1965. Owen Hart died on May 23, 1999 at age 33, from a 50-foot fall from ceiling to ring.

14 thoughts on “Owen Hart

  1. ya mcmahon set it up sure as anything, he has always had a thing against the hart family. I wish I could prove it!! If I had a million trillion dollars I would hire a hitman.

  2. i was sooooo upset and sad when he had passed away, it was a shocker on how it happened. I still cant believe its been this long. I wish he was still here and fighting, he was a good wrestler just like his brother bret. REST IN PEACE OWEN HART

  3. The Truth behind Hart legacy.. Whats more sad is he wasnt suppose to enter the ring from sky it was last minute thing owen told his wife on the phone he wasnt gona doit she said dont her watching television at home watches her husband fall from sky somehow still to this day she wonders what happend that owen windup entering the ring from sky after his mind was made up that he wasn’t… Brett hart was living in the Bahamas at time he got the call.. Owen hart was the only hart left in the WWF due to contract. He wanted out like the rest of the hart Foundation. The Good Die Young and the Hart Legacy will Forever live on… R.I.P Owen

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