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John Cena

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  1. Cena,we watch you in Bosnia and we like a lot…..especially me!Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu very much!!!!!!

  2. hi john cena im such a gigantic fan of yours that i even got a poster of you and i been begging my mom for smackdown vs raw for 3 she got it for me and every match i do i always pick you just look at your overall on 2010 you are a 95 that is amazing. to me i think you can beat any man in this world you are the greatest wwe superstar in history also i have a john cena toy shamas is such a cheater. i want you to one day beat him so bad he is going to give you the wwe championship it was nice talking to you but i have to go . bye

  3. hi john cena i am your biggest fan.i love everything that u make in movies, name is abdul aziz i want u number if u can give me ,and plsss give me u e-mail,do nt 4get i still like u and love u.

  4. Hi cena,u r the best wrestler.In olden days i love the peoples champ Rock.After the Rock u r the best.U r great in u r actions.I love u cena.When u enters the arena,it is so awesome to see it.U r so electrifying man in sports entertainment.I Wanna see u cena and take photo with u..I LOVE MY CENA….

  5. Hi John Cena, Im 7years old and live in Waterloo,Iowa. I like watching you Wrestle!!! Im a big huge fan of yours!!! I know your really busy all the time, But was hopein we could be PIN PALS, THAT WOULD SO COOL!!!! I HOPE YOU DONT LET ME DOWN!!!! I HOPE TO HERE FROM YOU SOON, AND KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME!!!!

  6. Hi Cena…
    u are the best wrestler on the wwe world,we love you alot and we watch you every week on T.V.
    We are from Syria and we are the biggest fans here in our country
    we hope that we can see you someday.DONT GIVE UP ,AND KEEP IN TOUCH ,PLEASE.

  7. Hey Cena, your the best. I love watchin u on Raw every mon. night. I wish i could meet u in person. You inspire so many people and give ppl hope.I wish u the best in everything u do in the future. Love, Crystal

  8. Aww thanks Crystal the same to you I love you to and I promise pretty
    soon I be Champion again because they champion is here.

  9. Chain Gang 4Life Hey whats up Cena. I think your kick a*s and I love the way you stood up for Bret “The Hitman” Hart. I really think that Vince needs to get put in place. I admire the way you wrestle for the crowd. I especially love the 5 Knuckle shuffle into the Attitude Adjustment. Thats an awsome finisher. I also like your finishing submission the STFU. Also, I think that you are a great actor. I enjoyed The Marine but my favorite was 12 Rounds. Sorry I wrote so much but I am a big fan. Good Luck in the Elimination Chamber.

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