September 26, 2023

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Hornswoggle Biography

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Hornswoggle is a professional wrestler, one of the youngest characters in this world. His real name is Dylan Postl, and he also has the nickname Little Bastard. He was employed in WWE, being one of the youngest wrestlers ever to be accepted in this competition. He is the last winner of the Cruiserweight Belt. However, the competition was decommissioned one year after.

His career begun in 2005, in NWA of Wisconsin. He was remarked and brought to SmackDown immediately after. He participated to the inaugural edition of the X Division. He signed the WWE contract immediately after, appearing as the leprechaun helper of his Irish friend, Finlay. He was the surprising appearance that shaken the opponents of Finlay. As he always used unorthodox methods to defeat his opponents, he gained the nickname Little Bastard from the SmackDown commentator Michael Cole. With the help of Hornswoggle, Finlay became the US Champion in wrestling.

The name Hornswoggle was adopted in 2007, becoming the official name of this wrestler in the second episode of SmackDown. He was hatred and adulated at the same time, people contesting his unfair methods, but also admiring him for his capacity to help his team colleague to get out of the most delicate situations.

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