Wallpaper of John Cena

Wallpaper of John Cena

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  1. 1.david machell:

    This is the best wallpaper of you JOHN CENA.

  2. 2.Joyce Carter:

    U sexy as hell!!! I wish U luck at Extreme Rules!!!!!! Big Show ain’t nothing on U!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Your Wife, Joyce Carter…Joyce Cena!

  3. 3.sudharsan:

    you r the best in the world

    mr.john cena

    im u r favourite fan

    in this picture u r really rocking

  4. 4.sudharsan:

    u r the rocking man in the world………………..

    i love you john cena

  5. 5.J.Cena:

    Thanks guys love you to

  6. 6.judy:

    Hey John Im a big fan of yours. I have a 13 year old named Zachary and he is a really big fan! He has all kinds of wrestling magizines. He loves the one that has the cars with you and it tells somethings that you like. I got my uncle to make him a cd of some of your songs and he went crazy he hadnt never heard you and now he lestens to the all the time. I wished I could get a picture of you and you sign it for him!Well both of us.my address is 1353 backberryton road summerville ga 30747

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