Randy Orton with his family


Picture of Randy Orton when he was a child.

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  1. 1.harrys savva:

    great wrestler

  2. 2.mohammad aman:

    he was much handsome when he was young

  3. 3.Libby:

    aw so hot!!

  4. 4.zizioO:

    So Cute n hot like now! =Xx

  5. 5.David Bie:

    Hi Randy,
    You are the best in WWE, Smark Down so on.. No one can compare with you. I like you the most among wrestlers. Never ever give up.
    Yangon, Myanmar

  6. 6.arturo:

    I know everyone here speak English and are worth the united states and Mexico is better I just like the WWE for his superstars.

  7. 7.Namra:

    is dat randy in dat blue shirt?

  8. 8.sukma ghale:

    hi randy
    i’m from nepal n i’m ur big fan in one.

  9. 9.michael yingst:

    hi randy

  10. 10.50 cent:

    good job turning your back on the legacy

  11. 11.Kenny williams:

    hi randy,i’m kenny.big fan of ur, u re the best man.i want u to keep kickin treble’a*s 4 robbin ur tittle.

  12. 12.ranaka:

    i am your biggest fan and u is so sexy of all the wrestler….

  13. 13.edge:

    wassup randy u r the future man i respect ur attitude

  14. 14.Kheiry Kheiry:

    Hi Randy Orton Your My BiggesT sUpErStAr EvEr!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take care!!!!!! Hows Samantha Speno doing.

  15. 15.himanshu:

    hey you are the best one …….and your attitude is one thing you never show and the wiper is very awesom….

  16. 16.me:

    No vocies there cuz “Hey nothing u can say”! Lol.

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