Kane vs Boogeyman

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alyssa says:

thats cool kane and boogeyman!

noel says:

Kane be@t the b00geym@n!!!!!!!!1

efe says:


austin royston says:

kane choke slam the boogyman!

Alwyndsouza says:

Kane is handsum

manish says:

bogeyman,,,,, dirty..

tygirrobinson says:

I hope boogeyman win and kane looses

anayelysmartinez says:

you are ugly and disckusting

IDRIS says:


Angele says:

Boogey man in dirty but he’s awesome! Bring back the BOOGEY MAN!!!!

stanley says:

boogey man is great i wish boogey man faces kane and undertaker and it will be triple treath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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