Kane kissing Lita

Kane kissing Lita

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  1. 1.alex:

    kane kisses a girl

  2. 2.alex032:

    this is the one i like because kane is kissing lita but why

  3. 3.chinna:

    kane is a Idiot kissing sexy lita
    I missed the chance
    if i wud hav been there at that time
    I wud hav shown lita Heaven

  4. 4.garould:

    dude that is nothing i wud have shown her the greatest time of her life and givin her the most amazing kiss she ever had in her life.

  5. 5.niva:

    Coachman Coachman

  6. 6.jonathan jollota:

    go kane you rock kiss that girl good

  7. 7.steph:

    their MERRIED

  8. 8.felix_azael@hotmail.com:

    kane you like this?

  9. 9.Robby bartcher:

    I like kane kissed lita he but his tongue in her mouth

  10. 10.courtney brown:

    i thought kane was not a ladys man i thought he was in love with boys like sheamus!(lol)

  11. 11.tu?ba:

    kane kissed is lita

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