Bret Hart Hitman with his wife


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  1. 1.ajay khare:

    hey bret and his wife look gr8 together….
    bret i like u so much..tkcr.

  2. 2.Jay Weber Jr:

    You will always be my hero. I will live in the shadows of the hitman Bret Hart

  3. 3.Jay Weber Jr:

    You two look great together. She is really beautiful. Good luck together. You are the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be. I loved watching you when I was younger, and I loved watching you when you came back. You are and were always my hero. Thanks Bret I will always live in your shadow hitman.

  4. 4.Gilbert Aguilera:

    hey bret, thank you for years of inspirations. I’ve always look up to you as a child and still do as an adult with ur huge heart and family morals and admiring ur wrestling style. I will always ask myself, what would hitman do! Bret, you are the best, I am ur true fan for life, bad times to the good times! Keep being the best Mr. GM

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