Batista and his girlfriend

Batista and his girlfriend

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  1. 1.anam:

    looking coooooooooooooooool.

  2. 2.robert wilson:

    ok batista

  3. 3.Sammm:

    AWWWW how cute i love it guysss

  4. 4.Julius Dyngee:

    Batisat, please give Orton a never return defeat. You are the only one who can do that. Please don’t delay.

  5. 5.Julius Dyngee:

    Hey, Batista, I should be wrestling with you for that girl.

  6. 6.benoit:

    batista jtm

  7. 7.punith:

    I want to meet you batista pls iam at india in india iam at tamilnadu in tamilnadu i am at hosur pls come see me while coming mail me i love you so much

  8. 8.jose:

    batista y did u hit ray misterio on smackdown?

  9. 9.sami:

    why are you mean to ray, Batister. I use to like you, but not anymore. if you apoligise to ray, I will be your bigest fan in the world

  10. 10.Kathrine:

    okay Mr batista i’m a big fan of BIG Dave but he does not respect them he does not stay with 1 girl EEEEW!Unlike Jacop Zoema he is married 5 wife’s and has 26 children and he is still married 2 them all

  11. 11.Kathrine:

    i think MR batista needs 2 take note he is one of the hottest guy on wwe but i whant the old batista back not the bad a*s so BIG dave come back

  12. 12.Kathrine:

    okay big dave u are a real a*s hol but i must admite u still sexy.i can’t believe u will do that 2 ur best friend.

  13. 13.Kathrine:

    okay big dave u are a real a*s hol but i must admite u still sexy.

  14. 14.mark from england:

    dave your a total idiot on smackdown

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