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  1. 1.bakht:


  2. 2.sricena:

    batista is officially no more in wwe! i didnt thought batista would choose his path to leave wwe coz wwe is the one tht made batista famous!

  3. 3.ganga:

    i am very sad that batista left wwe.he was my favourite in wwe.

  4. 4.Rachel:

    He isn’t officially done……..

  5. 5.Vivek:

    batista is a real hero… we want the animal to comeback & beat the john cena to be WWE CHAMPION…. BATISTA is my all time favourite wrestler.. BATISTA BOMB wil b back& goin to stun cena

  6. 6.sricena:

    batista’s name is not in the wwe superstar profile but his name is in the wwe alummi, tht means he has officially gone frm the wwe! thr r few superstars name in the wwe alummi tht left wwe like mickie james and shelton benjamin!

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